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Labor intensive analysis identifying root causes for current A/R issues

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A 2016 Black Book survey revealed that medical business office outsourcing was slated to increase 30 percent in the next year among practices with 25 physicians or fewer because of declining reimbursement rates and value-based care models.

The survey further reported that 59 percent of medical providers and 86 percent of hospitals said that their organizations plan to eliminate medical billing processes that are resource-intensive, error prone, manual, and back-end. These providers pinpointed five factors other than declining reimbursement that caused their organizations to consider revenue cycle management and medical billing outsourcing, including:

  • Inefficient billing processes
  • High staff turnover rates*
  • Lack of health IT know-how
  • Stress of financial and staff management
  • Declines in direct patient care time

Claim processing is the economic life blood of a practice and a new or replacement employee in the billing department inevitably leads to slowdown in the processing of claims, which means a slowdown in receiving your money.

82% of practices that elected to outsource business office services in the third quarter of 2015 experienced a decline in the number of rejected claims and the time it takes to collect payments from payers during the first two months after outsourcing implementation.

*According to the US Department of Labor and Statistics, employee turnover can cost a business up to 33% of each employee’s total compensation including both salary and benefits. 97% of independent groups and solo practices reported high business staff turnover rates and 83% of hospital-based physicians said they had difficulties recruiting business office personnel that had experience with ICD-10, value-based care, risk contracting, and MACRA.

Our team has recovered $200 million on a $360 million A/R Project